Stone Care (Cleaning & Polishing)

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Natural stone is a breathtakingly beautiful floor surface. But chances are, your marble, granite or travertine flooring just may not be looking as clean, shiny or refined as it was the day it was installed. The fact is that all natural stone gets dirty, dingy and dull over time. New England Steam Clean can fix that.

We have some of the most state of the art stone cleaning and polishing equipment in the industry. Soil, whether it’s dirt, sand or grit, are contributing factors to dulling the marble, travertine, granite or other natural stone surface that you may have in your home. This fixable damage is what makes your floor look dull over time.

Our CT Stone Floor Cleaning & Stone Floor Polishing Process:

Pre-Inspection- First we take the time to walk around the area, and discuss with the homeowner any areas of concern before we start cleaning and polishing your natural stone. At this time, we can explain to you what level of results to expect.

Pre-Cleaning- Before we start the actual cleaning process, we take the time to move all furniture and area rugs. We then vacuum the surface to be cleaned because it is important to remove any dry soil that may be on the surface.

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Cleaning- NESC starts the cleaning process by applying strong cleaners that break down soil, grease and oils and mostly any other foreign substance that may be on the floor surface. Once our solutions finish their job, we can begin the high pressure, high heat cleaning process. With water pressure over 1,200 PSI and water temperatures around 300 degrees, we literally blast away all the stains and contaminates on the floor. The cleaning solutions, dirty water and contaminates are picked up by our high powered truck mounted unit, which flows out through our hoses to our truck, safely removing it from your home. After the cleaning process, your natural stone is virtually dry to the touch.

Polishing- Our polishing process is amazing, and always has astonishing results. Our high-powered stone floor cleaning machines are equipped with specially designed pads that spin at a high rate of speed to polish the stone. We have 5 levels of “Gloss “ that we can achieve with these pads. It is entirely up to the homeowner to decide how “shiny” you want your natural stone to be after we clean it.