Tile & Grout Cleaning

Photo by Jun Zhang/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by krooogle/iStock / Getty Images

New England Steam Clean’s turbo hard surface machine is highly effective for cleaning stone surfaces. The high pressure and high heat capability does a phenomenal job making your tile and grout look like new! Another benefit to this tile & grout cleaning process is that when we are done, the surface is dry to the touch immediately. Details are important to NESC. Our Gekko hand tools are great for getting the job done. These devices are small enough to get in all the tightest areas.

We have a very detailed 5 step process to cleaning your dirty tile and grout.

1. Pre-Inspection- We thoroughly inspect all of the surfaces we are going to be cleaning. When we analyze your dirty tile and grout we look specifically for stains, loose tiles, cracked grout and any other areas that are of concern to you.

2. Pre-Clean- Before we start applying any of our powerful tile and grout cleaning solutions, we need to clean up any dry debris that may be on the surfaces we are about to clean.

3. Apply Cleaning Solutions- This step is where all of the miracles happen. We apply special tile and grout cleaning solutions to your dirty tile and grout. These solutions are mixed and applied with heat. It is important to apply the tile and grout cleaning solutions hot to maximize their ability to get your tile and grout clean!

4. Agitation- (Scrubbing) Now we have to start breaking down all of the contaminates that make your tile and grout look so dirty. We have special tools that are designed to get right into the grout lines and remove all the stubborn stains in your dirty tile and grout.

5.Clean and Dry- We bring in our very powerful Turbo Cleaning Tool to clean and rinse your dirty tile and grout. At 300 degrees and over 1200PSI (pressure) there are not many stains that we cant get out. Our powerful truck mounted unit vacuums up all the solutions that we applied, and as a result, your now clean tile and grout is dry to the touch!