Upholstery Cleaning

Photo by 2Mmedia/iStock / Getty Images

Just as with carpets, your upholstery hosts several types of dust, bacteria and soils along with oils from your body which can attract stains. Your upholstery needs to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis not only to prolong the life of your furniture, but to keep you healthy. NESC’s advanced upholstery cleaning tools allow for most fabrics to be dry within an hour of cleaning, and produce amazing cleaning and disinfecting results.

Leather & Upholstery Cleaning & Conditioning

We can clean and restore your leather furniture. Leather cleaning is a slow and labor-intensive process. Though leather is a durable material it needs to be professionally cleaned. A key benefit to leather upholstery cleaning and conditioning is that the proper maintenance softens the leather which will help to prevent it from cracking. No machines are involved in cleaning your leather furniture, just professional chemicals designed specifically to treat and moisturize leather applied by an experienced upholstery cleaning professional.