Wool Carpet Cleaning

Photo by hikesterson/iStock / Getty Images

Wool is the most beautiful, luxurious, and durable of all the carpet fibers. It is a natural fiber that is highly regarded for its strength, durability, crush resistance, clean-ability and comfort.

You may already know that wool carpeting is a more costly flooring choice than a synthetic carpet. Properly caring for wool is crucial in protecting your investment, and proper professional care could very well allow your carpet to last a lifetime. Not all carpet cleaners know how to properly clean and maintain wool carpeting. At New England Steam Clean, we use a combination of specially formulated (and WOOL-SAFE APPROVED) wool carpet cleaning products. We also bring high-power fans into the home to expedite the drying process. Often times the carpet is completely dry before we are finished packing up!

For added protection, we can add carpet protector that is specifically designed for wool! Carpet protector gives an added level of stain protection for any spills or accidents that may happen. Carpet protector also allows for better soil removal with routine vacuuming! Carpet protector is a small investment with major benefits!

At New England Steam Clean, we truly understand wool along with other investment-grade textiles.